Inme OUTCLASS – The graded life skills curriculum

The Outclass works to build a Self Learning School by imparting learning appropriate for the development stage of the student. A series of outdoor learning programs, Ideal for Grades 4-12, 5-7 days long, focused on enhancing the emotional quotient of students based on their life stage, conducted on our campuses in North and South India, flexible to fit your school’s calendar.

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School Leaders

School Leaders - Value and Vision

We provide school leaders with an unbiased view to help them identify gaps in the desired school culture, teacher and student development, and senior team leadership skills.

We use appreciative inquiry, surveys, and our coaching and organisation development expertise to help their teams identify and build leaders.

We also help school leaders build a culture by aligning their values, behaviour and actions to the school’s vision and purpose.

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Teacher Body

Teacher Body – Empowerment & Collaboration

These programs focus on helping your teachers bring out the best in themselves, their colleagues, their students, and their school. Teachers build skills to work more effectively across departments, focus on empowering their students to take on challenges, and view their role as leaders and educators.

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Student Leaders

Student Leaders – Initiative & Responsibility

A student leader is one who embraces responsibility for setting and living the culture of the Self Learning School. These programs help student leaders gain greater clarity on how to contribute in school and beyond. They also build greater skills for and commitment to their role as student leaders and role models for the juniors.

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